Aug 15 2010


Choosing a Name

So, we found out baby #2, coming in November, is going to be a boy, so my husband and I have been talking about names. We’ve decided on the first name (no, I’m not ready to reveal it) but can’t agree on the middle name. Hopefully he’ll come to his senses soon and agree with me! lol

Since we’re going through this process, I found an article in Parents magazine this month to be interesting. It talked about baby-naming customs around the world.

You need government approval before naming a child, and officals can veto names that don’t clearly indicate the baby’s sex (like Riley) or that could possibly subject the child to teasing or harm. I think I had read that it’s illegal to name your child Hitler–probably a good idea.

Many leave the naming decision up to their priest. Parents can suggest ideas, but the priest gets the final say at a ceremony eight days after the birth.

Among the Ibo people, baby-naming is a group activity. The father, mother, and grandmother all take turns suggesting names. Guests contribute too. Afterward, the household debates the options. Sort of a group effort, I guess.

Parents don’t choose a child’s name before she’s born, since what the stars say about the birth date is a big influence.

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  1. Kat Gott

    Cool info! We get so used to America's culture, that we forget how drastically different things are elsewhere. Good call on not revealing the name. We made that mistake. We had chosen Jacob Laughter. There are a bunch of reasons behind the name, but they didn't matter as much as knowing how much we LOVED the name! Unfortunately EVERY ONE ELSE thought we were setting him up for

  2. Jenny

    Ha! Jacob is a great choice. My twin sister and I were supposed to be a boy and girl–Jennifer Leigh and Benjamin Arden. But, "Benjamin" ended up being Sarah Elizabeth. Those were the days before ultrasound. I always thought Benjamin was an awful name growing up, but now I love it.

  3. Kat Gott

    When I was a girl, I wanted to have a little girl and name her 'Heaven LeighAnne'. Then, when we were going through names, I wanted Sebastian. Tommy vetoed that one immediately. Then I wanted Isaac, from Isaac in the Bible, because it means "Laughter". He said he couldn't do that one because it would make him think of 'The Love Boat'. LOL It took us a LOOOONG

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