May 26 2011


Crazy 8: My New Favorite Store

I went to the mall yesterday in search of some new pants, but nothing in my “pre-Lucas” size fit or even came close. I decided to not buy the next size and was pretty upset with myself, but on my way out, I walked by a new children’s clothing store, Crazy 8.

Love their stuff!! Their prices and sales are comparable, I’d say, to Children’s Place. I bought these matching outfits for Jacob and Lucas this summer.  The eyes on the shirt are “googly eyes”, and they’re cuter in person. Don’t know how they’ll wash, but at $4.99 each for the shorts and shirts,  I thought they were a good deal. I could have spent a lot more, but not having a job (paying one, anyway), I had to restrain myself!

Crazy 8 Googly Eye Tee
Crazy 8 shorts

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