Oct 11 2011


Cute Boy Clothes–My Ongoing Search

I’m always looking for cute boy clothes, and anyone who has ever bought boys’ clothes knows that there is a lot more out there for girls. If someone could open up a store with affordable, cute clothes for boys, I think they’d do very well.

I really don’t have the patience or time to sew, but I found this link last week:
Make for Baby Boy: 25 of the Cutest Coolest Free Tutorials for Boys’ Clothing.

Unfortunately, none of these really struck me as something I wanted to make. Maybe I’m just picky because someone obviously thought they were “cute and cool”.

This past year, Jacob has really liked “helping” me in the kitchen–especially baking. He liked a book from the library about a boy named Jacob who liked to bake and called himself “Chef Jacob”. So, I’ve thought about buying him something like this set (see below) for Christmas that I found on www.etsy.com .

It wouldn’t be that hard to make, I think, as I look at the price tag. Especially if I could find the material on sale. After all,  I did take sewing in 4-H and made more difficult outfits back then, even if it was with a lot of stress and tears. Then, I remember the pair of Jacob’s pants that have sat on my dresser for at least two weeks now waiting to be hemmed and remember I have, like, no spare time and get little sleep the way it is. So, Etsy it will be.

What is your favorite place for cute boy clothes?

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