Oct 17 2010


Five Most Unuseful Baby Products

I’ve gone through most of Jacob’s baby things to get ready for Lucas’s arrival in about 5 weeks, and there are a few things I never used for Jacob and probably still won’t again. So, having gone through it once, here’s my personal list of most unuseful baby products.

1. Pee Pee Teepees: cloth cone-like things used for catching boys’ run-a-way squirts during diaper changing. Cute idea and name, but not really practical. This was a gift, but I never used it.

2. Baby robes: I almost bought one of these as a shower gift before I became a mom because I thought it was really cute. I was given one as a gift and never used it. After all, who let’s their baby hang out in a robe after their bath? You just dry them off and put them in a sleeper.

3. Crib quilts: I bought the cutest safari crib quilt and matching bumper set for Jacob. Then I read that blankets and bumpers were safety hazards that could cause the baby to suffocate. And, the bumper is a real nuisance to remove in the middle of the night when the baby pees and you have to change the sheet. So, they went into the closet, and I never used them. I actually tried to hang the quilt on the wall one time for decoration, but it kept falling off (the stickies weren’t strong enough to hold it), and I never found a rod to hang it on.

4. Baby shoes for ones who aren’t walking: I was given a few pair of shoes as parts of outfits, and Jacob never wore them. I can see where you might want to buy shoes for a girl to wear with a fancy dress, but otherwise, what’s the point?

5. Baby oil and powder: I got a couple packages with the whole set of Johnson and Johnson body wash/lotion/oil/powder. I never used the oil or the powder.  They tell you not to put a bunch of extra “stuff” on a baby’s skin, so I just used the basic body wash and lotion. I came across a couple bottles of the oil and powder when I was cleaning out Jacob’s things. I actually tried the oil on my dry skin the next day, and it turned red, so I’ll probably throw it in the trash.

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  1. Kat Gott

    Pee Pee Teepees, huh? That's the first I've ever heard of them! All you need to do is keep him covered with the old diaper until you slip on the new. It's just a quick wipe-cover manuever. The experienced mom knows all these things, but products like this are for the new mom who isn't sure yet what she needs.

    I never did the robe or the quilt either. Our room

  2. Jenny

    Thanks, Kat. Looks like I don't need to publish a Best Gifts list, since you already did! I'd also list disposable diapers as one of the most useful gifts. You use A LOT of them, and especially with a second baby, when you don't know what they already have, you know they'll use them.

  3. Kat Gott

    That's true about diapers. My Aunt is getting ready to have her first, and she's going old-school-style (saving the planet). I can't even imagine…

    I'm sorry if I stole your thunder about the 'Best Products' list. I'd still love to hear what you found most useful.

  4. Jenny

    No, you didn't steal my thunder! I love your list. You listed "time", and what I considered one of the best gifts was when some mom friends brought over dinner. Related to that, I think giving a "coupon" for a couple hours of housework would be great. You're always so exhausted those first few months.

    I made a hooded towel out of a regular-sized bath towel

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