Oct 30 2013


Hello Again/The Silent Years

Hello, friends. After taking some time off to attend to other things (start a business, raise two young boys, cook more, and volunteer for way too many things, to name a few), I realized I missed blogging about motherhood and our daily life.

Sticks and Snails Blog Jennifer Reginald

The old blog header I tried to salvage, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

So, I imported my old blog out of Blogger into here and am hoping to start up again where I left off–well, skipping about 1 1/2 years.

It’s been fun looking over the old posts. Jacob is now a first grader, and Lucas will turn three in November. It’s funny to see Lucas at almost the same stage Jacob was at when I left this blog to start blogging about marketing things (now deleted).

Today is Nelson and my ninth wedding anniversary, and as I was looking at past posts yesterday, I came across this photo of Grandma D and me at our wedding in 2004 (Remembering Grandma D). Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and I’ll have to find the “giving thanks” album our family started a couple years ago (Starting a Thanksgiving Tradition). And, Jacob figured out last year that there isn’t a Santa Claus, but he was really into the Santa Claus thing when he was 4 (Christmas with a 4-year-old). I told him not to break the news to Lucas.

The boys are dressing up tomorrow as Mario (Lucas) and Luigi (Jacob), and we’re going to our church’s fall festival at Chuck E Cheese.  Lucas would wear his costume all day if I let him and is a huge Mario fan. Jacob thought Lucas should be Mario (the shorter, fatter one), so he’ll be Luigi.

Well, it’s tempting to end with a photo of the boys that I took a couple days ago, but I’ve decided not to post photos of them on this public blog and leave that to Facebook.

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  1. Cindy

    Jenny, I am so glad you decided to start this blog again. When I went back and read the tribute to “Grandma D”, it made my eyes leak! Such a sweet, sweet lady and I am sure a terrific grandma! Happy Anniversary to you and Nelson. I well remember your wedding and especially the “flaming candelabra”. I look forward to reading all of your future blogs! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks, Cindy. I just found your comment as I was deleting spammers. Thanks! Yes, we learned a lesson about stringing ivy around a candelabra. Good memories!

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