Nov 13 2011


Interview With My Sri Lankan Mother-in-Law, Part 2

Here is the second part of an interview with my mother-in-law, Mrs. Beryl Reginald. To see the first part, please read my previous post.

Tell us a little about the boarding school that Nelson and Harry attended.
In keeping with our determination and dreams, we were overjoyed when we got an opportunity to educate our sons in one of the very few best, well-reputed Christian private colleges in Sri Lanka,  S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia in Colombo, which was quite far from our home. Since it is extremely difficult to get admission at a later grade level, we determined to board them in the college hostel when they were six, with the assurance that the matron at the children’s hostel would take good care of them in all respects. I also had the satisfaction of both my brother and sister being in Colombo at that time, and they visited them often. Though it was heart breaking for all of us at the beginning, we had no regrets later. It was a good solid foundation preparing them for a successful life, opening a way for a bright future.

What things did you do to train your boys in the Lord?
I feel our very way of life made a great impact for them to grow in the Lord. Reading the Bible and praying was a daily practice both morning and night. We regularly attended Sunday Service, and the children went to Sunday School.  Reading Bible stories was a regular event.

For special occasions, like celebrating birthday parties, it was customary to invite the priest, as well as family members, friends and relatives, we had prayer meetings followed by a fellowship tea party. In the same way, we too had quite a number of opportunities to participate in events where prayers and worship were of priority.

What are some of the hardest things to get used to in Canada? What do you like most?
When I first came to Canada in winter, it was quite difficult to manage the cold. I found it difficult to move about freely and also felt the loneliness of missing my home, my loved ones back home, and being indoors most of the time.

But all these shortcomings were nothing compared to the happiness, contentment, and satisfaction of being with my son, playing the traditional role of helping raise the grandchildren, and  helping fulfill the desires of my late husband of seeing both my sons married and settled well in life. It gives me a world of happiness and peace of mind to see both my sons with a family of their own and also being able to meet together and enjoy the fellowship and being of help and strength to one another. I am also very pleased and well satisfied with all the facilities available, along with peace, order, justice, human rights, and a friendly environment.

What are your dreams for your four grandchildren?
I am greatly blessed with the gift of four wonderful grandchildren and thank God from the bottom of my heart. I claim the promises of God. Grandparents are proud of their grandchildren, while children are proud of their parents. My dreams and wishes are almost the same as I had for my sons but at even a much higher level of than my sons. I believe in faith God has a blessed wonderful plan for each of them—Jacob, Sheishan, Lucas, and Atarah. My prayer is that with all the sacrificial love, care, and parents’ guidance, along with those who would be influencing their life, they would develop all their God-given talents and abilities to the full potential. I also pray that they will be children of great character, have good attitudes and values, and live a very successful, happy, contented long life for the glory of God making the parents feel proud of them and reaping the rewards of their hard labor. I would also like them to follow the family traditions, unity, fellowship, culture and values of ancestors and wish them all the best in life.

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    I enjoyed reading about your mother-in-law's experiences. She's a lovely woman.

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