May 02 2014


Our Trick to Potty Training Success

pottychartWe tried all the potty training tricks with Lucas–new Elmo underwear, bribery with candy, reverse psychology, and a potty chart with stickers.

Even tried those little things you put in the toilet water for boys to shoot at when they pee. Supposedly, if it’s more fun, they’ll want to do it. Hmm. No luck.

I thought potty training for Lucas would be easier, especially since he had a big brother to follow. I was wrong.

That’s why¬† I’m happy to report that he’s been diaper-free for four days, and I think we’ve made it. What was the trick?

Honestly, I think it was just the timing. We had to wait until he was ready and interested. The potty chart, though, seemed to be the most effective of all.

I found this chart online, along with a lot of other colorful, behavioral charts with preschool characters. (The first one featured Clifford the Big Red Dog.) I could usually bribe him with a sticker if he at least tried using the potty. Eventually, he started using it without the stickers. And, today, I think I’ll take it down for good. Also, there’s no more space for stickers, and I don’t want to print another one.

Did you have potty training tricks that worked for your kids? Please share them in the comments below.




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  1. lyn bell

    Aim at the cheerios in the potty!

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks, Lyn. A friend at church gave me some things that dissolve in water (same idea, I guess). He showed no interest, but that was a few months ago. Something seemed to click in his brain a couple weeks ago.

  3. Sarah

    Good job Lucas!! Aunt Sarah is very proud of you.

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