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Recording Memories for a Second Child

Baby number two rarely has the number of photos and videos that the firstborn had, and details in the baby books stay increasingly blank with each child. Mommy guilt sets in, but seriously, it’s just harder to find the time. Here are a few tips for scrapbooking for a second child when you no longer have the baby’s nap for personal down time.

Keep your camera easily accessible. We keep our camera on top of a bookshelf in our family room. It’s high enough up that our three-year-old can’t reach it, but my husband and I can grab it for a quick shot.

Buy a scrapbooking package.  Using a scrapbooking package with coordinated papers and embellishments will save a lot of time and require less creativity.

Keep the design simple.  Consider doing a “baby’s first year” scrapbook. Paste the best photos and do some basic journaling, but don’t worry about it being a masterpiece. You can leave space to add more embellishments when you have time.

Store your scrapbooking supplies in a convenient spot. I store mine under the sofa that’s close to the dining room table where I scrapbook. Everything is in one place but hidden from my preschooler who loves scissors and glue.

Label photo files when you download them from the camera. You don’t need to label all the photo files, but label those you might forget. (Sometimes it’s hard to remember whether a photo was at six months or seven months.)

Write notes on the backs of photos. After you print a batch of photos, write notes on the back of the good ones and file them in a photo album.  When you’re ready to scrapbook, pull the photos you want from the album and look at the notes to jog your memory.

Mark milestones on the kitchen calendar.  Instead of pulling the scrapbook or baby book out each time your baby reaches a milestone (rolls over, first tooth, etc), jot the events down on your kitchen wall calendar.  You can flip through the calendar later and record the dates in a baby book.

Print your Facebook wall page. Most of your wall posts are about your kids, anyway, right? Print your wall occasionally for a record.

Leave your project or page in a visible spot. If you pass by your project during the day, it’s easy to add a bit here and there. Be careful, though, if you have an older child who likes to get his/her hands on everything.

Schedule some kid-free scrapbooking time. Ask hubby to take the kids to bed or ask someone to watch your children while you take some personal time and scrapbook.  You’re doing it for your children, but it can also be therapy for Mom.

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