Oct 18 2011


Pumpkin Carving and Roasting the Seeds

We took the boys this week to a local farm, Shlagel Farms, and picked a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch. So,yesterday Jacob and I made a jack o’ lantern and roasted the seeds. Lucas supervised from his stroller, off the ground and away from my knives.

Cleaning out the seeds and “gunk”.
Despite numerous attempts, I couldn’t get both of them to smile at the same time, so here are two pics!
We roasted the seeds using a recipe for Kids’ Favorite Pumpkin Seeds from Country Woman magazine’s website. It called for a little cayenne pepper, so I almost didn’t use it, but I thought maybe it was just enough for a little “kick”, since it was supposedly for kids. Well…they were pretty hot. Jacob ate one, and my husband who usually likes spicy food didn’t seemed thrilled with them. I ate a few handfuls but probably won’t finish them. After all, how many pumpkin seeds can a girl eat?

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice fall pics! Looks like fun times and good memories.
    Love, Mamaw Dier

  2. Anonymous

    Such great pics of the boys! I love that your blog documents all the things they're doing. It will be fun to read again when they're older. Love, Aunt Sarah

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