Jul 10 2014


Starting Piano Lessons

Music Tree BookI started teaching Jacob to play the piano a few months ago, using The Music Tree series by Frances Clark. So far, it’s going pretty well.

Up until a few months ago, he showed little interest in the piano. His father told him he WOULD take piano lessons, and I was a little concerned. However, his younger cousin visited at Easter and was practicing his pieces on our keyboard, and this sparked Jacob’s interest. He wanted to take lessons.

My mom has a music education degree and plays the piano very well. She taught my sisters and me how to play the piano, though I don’t claim to have been a very good student. I think children take lessons more seriously from a teacher other than their parents. But, I’m going to give the lessons a year and then find a “professional”.

Anyway, my mom had recommended The Music Tree, and we like it. It focuses on rhythm and musicality, with basic concepts such as high and low, loud and soft, quarter and half notes, and repeated notes. It starts with playing on the black keys only, but he is now playing on the white keys and learning to read “2nds” and “3rds”.

I don’t think I have the gift of teaching, which was confirmed by a recent “spiritual gifts” test I took. Teaching was listed toward the bottom. But so far, so good. As I listen to him practice while I’m cooking dinner and occasionally yell out “that’s a wrong note” or “play it all at the same beat”, I fondly remember my patient mother and sympathize. And, in my head, I can still hear her calling from the adjoining room as I hit a wrong note, “That’s an F SHARP!”

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