Jun 08 2011


Swapping Kids’ Clothes Online

I recently learned about a website, www.thredUP.com, where you can swap your kids’ clothes with people all over the country.

It works like this: pick a box you like, pay $5 plus shipping ($10.95), prepare a box of items that no longer fit your child,  and when someone picks your box, send it for free. Here is the step-by-step version:

PICK – Browse boxes of clothes (or other kid items) listed in the thredUP community and select one you’d like to receive.

PAY – Once you’ve picked your box, you pay $5 plus shipping ($10.95) to have it delivered.

PREPARE – As part of this process, you are required (this is a swap after all) to list a box of clothes that your child no longer wears. They’ll ask for basic details such as types of clothing, number of items, colors, brands, season, and sizes. The USPS will mail you empty boxes (for free) to send your gently used clothes.

SEND – When someone picks your box online, thredUP will alert you and ask you to send this box. It is free to send boxes on thredUP because the recipient pays the shipping. You’ll be able to print the shipping label and schedule the pickup all in one click.

I was looking at the site, but I think I’d prefer a good old-fashioned yard sale. Or, just swapping with people I know. You can see the clothes in person and know where they came from, though it looks like they give pretty good descriptions of the boxes’ contents.

Here’s a review by Mrs. Moneysaver. She thinks it’s great thing. Has anyone used this site? What did you think?

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