Dec 06 2013


Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving turkeyWe spent the week of Thanksgiving this year visiting Nelson’s family in Canada and had a nice time. We hadn’t made it there this summer, and Jacob had three days off of school, so we decided to travel that week.

Thanksgiving in Canada is held every year on the second Monday of October (our Columbus Day), and they had already celebrated Thanksgiving.  So, we didn’t do anything special.

I always enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving and pausing to thank God for all He’s given us before going into the Christmas rush. So, hopefully we can go to Canada in the summer next year. It’s always a lot colder up north, so that’s a great incentive to visit during warmer months.

Now that we’re back, I’ve got to schedule a babysitter for Lucas and go Christmas shopping while Jacob is at school. I haven’t bought anything yet. Not a single thing, though the ideas are all in my head.

We’re hoping to visit my family in Indiana for Christmas. They’re getting a lot of snow today, but I hope it’s clear in a few weeks. The 13-hr drive is always exhausting, but Christmas is always more special when it’s shared with family.

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  1. Robin Stapf

    Yes, visiting family makes Christmas so very special! Shopping online is a great way to get the shopping finished with little kids at home. I hope that are safe with your travels, we are going east to Pennsylvania for the Christmas holiday, so I understand the thoughts of good weather. Have a great time.

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks, Robin. Yes, I love online shopping. Hope you have a great time in PA and the weather is good for all of us. Blessings to you and your family.

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