Dec 07 2014


Toy Gun Etiquette

toy gunThis Christmas, I feel a strange connection with Ralphie’s mom in The Christmas Story¬† who doesn’t want to buy him a Red Ryder BB gun,¬† telling him “You’ll shoot your eye out”.

Problem is, with today’s gun violence and kids’ toy guns being mistaken for real ones, parents have more to worry about than they did in the 1940s.

I grew up with two sisters, and my husband grew up in the country of Sri Lanka, where he said police don’t even carry guns. He didn’t grow up with toy guns, and I didn’t either. My dad didn’t hunt or have a gun.

But, from an early age, Jacob and his male friends were making guns out of building blocks and playing “bad guys and good guys”. I knew the day would come when we’d have to buy them toy guns.

A few years ago, we bought Jacob his first Nerf gun, and I had to remind him several times to not shoot others, namely little brother, Lucas. Especially in the face. This Christmas, I bought him and his cousin, Joel, a Civil War toy rifle and Union cap. I don’t think they came with caps to shoot. They both wanted one when we went to Mount Vernon and Fort Washington earlier this summer. I told Jacob, though, it will only stay in the backyard. Lucas is getting a small, red plastic gun that makes noises and lights up.

With more toy guns being added to our arsenal, I thought it would be best to think through a list of rules. Here’s what I came up with–some that we already use and some that will need to be reinforced.

1. Don’t aim for anyone’s face (especially with Nerf guns).

2. Don’t aim/shoot at anyone who is not playing.

3. Don’t take the guns out of the backyard.

4. Don’t shoot at anyone who doesn’t want to play.

Reader, do you have more rules to suggest? If so, please leave them in the comments.




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