Apr 21 2011


Using Resurrection Eggs To Tell the Easter Story

Jacob and I have been going through the Easter Story this week using Resurrection Eggs I bought a couple weeks ago at the local Christian bookstore. I’ve seen them before, but this is my first time using them.

It’s been a great experience for both of us! He can’t wait to open an egg or two each day to see what’s inside, and the eggs come with a book that tells the journey of Jesus to the cross. As you open each egg, you read the next part of that story from the book and see what’s inside. The first egg holds a donkey, and you read about Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The last egg is empty, representing the empty tomb on Easter morning. 

The book tells the story in easy-to-understand language and gives the Scripture as well. I’ve enjoyed going through it with him, and it’s a neat way for me to remember Jesus’s sacrifice during Holy Week. We started opening the eggs on Palm Sunday and will open the last on Easter–or maybe the Saturday before. I think we’re down to only three eggs.

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  1. Anonymous

    Melissa did that at their Children's Church and the kids LOVED it! Joel has shown them to me twice since, explaining what everything represents.

  2. Jenny

    Yes, Jacob goes through the ones we already opened to see what's inside them. He thinks the last egg will have candy in it!

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