May 28 2011


Walking With the Boys

A friend and I met two times this week to walk with our boys on the Indian Head Rail Trail. We’re planning to meet three times a week.

The first time, we let our two 3-year-old boys run around while we walked. I pushed Lucas in the stroller. But, between breaking up the boys’ fights, water/bottle breaks, and reminding them to stay on the path to avoid snakes and poison ivy, we only made it 1.25 miles before we turned back.

For the second walk, my friend brought her husband along. He carried Lucas on his back, and we pushed the older boys in strollers. We were able to walk about four miles total at a steady pace, with just one water/bottle break. We’ve invited a few other mamas to join us next week. Maybe we’ll call ourselves the Stroller Brigade.

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