Aug 06 2014


Assateague Island: Water and Wild Ponies

DSC04132We took the boys this past weekend to Assateague Island for Jacob’s 7th birthday. He wanted to see the ocean, and several friends told me it was more family-friendly than Ocean City. So, we made it a day trip.

Jacob loved seeing the ocean and playing in the water as the waves came in. Lucas wasn’t so fond of the water but eventually got his feet wet.

There were three walking trails, each only a half mile long, so we went on each of those and saw wild ponies while we were walking.

Wild Pony at Assateague IslandThe wild ponies on the island are thought to have come from a colonial-time ship wreck where the ship was carrying ponies. There are about 300 of them now on the island, and they auction off a few each year to keep the numbers down. They roam around the island, and we not only saw a few, but had to watch where we walked, even in the parking lot.

Anyway, we all had a great time. It was a little over a three-hour drive from Bryans Road, so it was long day. Hopefully, we can go back again for a long weekend.

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