Feb 12 2014

First Grade Science Project


First grade science projectJacob wanted to be in his school’s science fair this year, so my husband came up with the idea of testing cup colors and how well they keep your water hot. He helped him do the experiment, and I helped with the poster and wrote out the words so Jacob could painstakingly type the titles and text.

For the experiment, Jacob took five styrofoam cups and colored four of them with permanent markers. Nelson poured boiling water in each one, and they measured the temperature after 13 minutes. The original plan was 15 minutes, but Jacob tipped over the first cup after 13, and they didn’t want to do it over again.

There was almost two degrees’ difference between the temperature of the water in the red and black cups. Red was the coolest, and black was the hottest. For the sake of the project, they said there was a difference, although technically, I doubt it matters.

My Personal Conclusion
First grade is a little too young to do a science fair project. The experiment and poster making were not without stress, especially with keeping his 3-year-old brother out of the mix, but he enjoyed being able to participate. And, he likes doing science experiments. He’s already talking about what he’ll do next year.

And, what did I learn from the experience? According to at least three fifth-grade posters, if you put Mentos in soda, it will cause some sort of explosion. Maybe we can try that sometime.

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  1. beryl

    A great achievement for Jacob in his first grade with the help and support of parents.He has already got an interest and started thinking what he could do next year;which speaks of his creative interest ,ideas and wish him success and parents involvement is greatly appreciated

  2. Jennifer


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