Nov 20 2011


Our Baby Is One!


We celebrated Lucas’s first birthday yesterday! The year has flown by, and it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s been that long since we brought him home from the hospital as a tiny newborn.

Earlier in the week, he got his first haircut with Miss Tammy. I remembered how much older Jacob looked after his first haircut and told her not to cut off all of Lucas’s baby curls. He had taken off both shoes and socks during the 5-minute ride over there, so I yelled at him when we got to the shop and I was frantically trying to put everything back on, knowing we were already late. That made him cry, and he wasn’t in a good mood when we got there, but he soon warmed up to the ladies at the beauty shop. And, he did a good job of sitting still on my lap for his trim.

On Saturday, we celebrated with family friends whose son is Jacob’s age. They like Indian food, so I made buriyani, beef curry, and a few other things. I bought a regular birthday cake and Lucas’s smash cake at Safeway. He dug into his cake like it was the best thing ever and went to sleep about half an hour later with a belly full of sugar.

Happy Birthday, Lucas!!

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