Jan 21 2014


Raggedy Ann Comes Home

Raggedy AnnMy Raggedy Ann doll sat on a rocking chair in my old bedroom at Mom and Dad’s house in Indiana for about 20 years. A family friend made her 30 years ago and gave her to me after I’d been in the hospital. Actually, I think it was one for my two sisters and me to “share”, but after the years have passed, everyone knows she’s technically mine.

I thought, someday, I would hand her down to my daughter, but then I had two sons who aren’t interested in dolls. After my niece was born, I thought I might pass Raggedy Ann on to her, but I didn’t really want to part with her. And, her mother (my youngest sister) drew yellow glasses with a marker on her own Raggedy Ann doll. I didn’t want mine to come to the same fate. And, girls aren’t interested in Raggedy Ann dolls anymore.

So, there she stayed, collecting dust along with the Little House on the Prairie books and a few other things that never made the post-college move.

I felt kind of sorry for Raggedy Ann, sitting upstairs by herself for years. The elastic in her bloomers had lost its elasticity, so while we were in Indiana this Christmas, my mom took a few inches out of the waist with her sewing machine.

Raggedy Ann rode home with us to Southern Maryland and now sits on top of my quilt rack. Lucas likes to pull her down occasionally and drag her around the floor, but she spends most of her time perched there.

Maybe I’ll have a daughter-in-law or granddaughter one day who wants to take her home. Until then, she’ll stay here.

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  1. beryl

    Very interesting and waiting impatiently to see your precious Raggedly Ann .May your heart’s desires be fulfilled .

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks, Amma. Maybe see you this spring.

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