Nov 05 2013


The Birthday Cake: A Few Years in Review

Lucas will turn three in a couple weeks, and I’ve been thinking about his birthday cake. He’s not old enough, really, to tell me what kind of cake he wants, but I know his interests:

  • trains
  • any kind of construction equipment
  • Mario

My mom will be visiting for his birthday, and she has more talent and patience when it comes to cake decorating, so I hope she can help me make one. But, what to make?

For Lucas’s first birthday, I had a cake made at Safeway. I asked them to use the colors of the napkins, and they added the Care Bears. They also made a cute smash cake for Lucas.
1st year birthday cake










For birthday number two, we were visiting with Nelson’s family in Canada, and my sister-in-law made this cake in the shape of a horse. I thought she did a great job, especially considering she also has two young children.









For Jacob’s 3-year birthday, I decided to make it myself. I think this was the year that Nelson told me to just buy the cakes. Anyway, for this one, I bought a kit of construction toys at the dollar store, used a set of “JACOB” candles, and crushed oreos to make “dirt”. The 3-year-old liked it, but it wasn’t exactly pretty. It did taste good.











For this year, I’m considering making this train cake.

Easy Train Cake
Isn’t it cute? I found the recipe in Parenting magazine online.  Mine never turn out like the ones done by professionals, but I like that they use a frozen pound cake and include a diagram on how to cut it up. How hard could it be? Ha. With the help of my mother, I’m hopeful that we can create one ourselves. If not, it’s the effort that counts right?

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  1. Rebecca

    I really like the train cake. You must post a pic of the end result. Philip was just looking over my shoulder and said “Look Mommy! Trains!”

  2. Jennifer

    Becky, a few years ago, a friend of ours made a much more complicated one with several train cars, and each one was holding a different kind of candy. I thought at the time, if I had boys, I’d try to do something similar. This is a toned down version that I think I might be able to handle, and I’m thinking it might be the last year that he would want a train cake. Will post pictures!

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